ID Card Services

Student ID Card, Why?



Student ID cards and services used with this card are valid as long as the student is registered at VİZYON University.

1. Statement of being a student of International VİZYON University,

2. Use in university door entry systems,

3. Recording every entry and exit of students to the university,

4. Providing free access to the digital library,

5. 50% discount on photocopies within the university,

6. Discounting at the restaurants that the University has contracted with,

7. Providing internship opportunities in state institutions (Courts, Chambers of Commerce, Ministries, etc.),

8. Benefiting from dormitory facilities,

9. Access to the IT Academy,

10. Providing convenience in health control,

11. Opportunity to establish a club,

12. Participation in radio-television programs to be provided by the University,

13. Preventing third parties at exam entrances,

14. Application to honor scholarship,

15. As the university's IT investment:

Unlimited Webmail and Cloud backup space 1TB

From Microsoft products:

All Microsoft's Operating Systems Windows 10, windows 8, …

Developer tools: Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, NET Framework, ASP.Net…

Servers – Servers: SQL Server 2016, Windows Server 2016, Hiper-V-Server 2016, Exchange Server, Share Point, Project server…

Applications: Microsoft Office 2016 (Microsoft Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, Access, Sway, Yammer, Web Sites, One Drive) Skype Business, Autoroute, Lynt, SharePoint Designer, Virtual PC,…

(Special for students in the Architecture department, Auto CAD, ArchiCAD and Artlantis programs are offered with an ID Card)

Note: These are just some of the Microsoft products we listed above,

These cost thousands of dollars and are available to ID Student Card holders.

It is given free of charge by VİZYON University.


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