2021 International CEO (Communication, Economics and Organization) Social Sciences Congress was held between 19 - 22 August 2021 hosted by Georgian National University, the largest university in Georgia.  

Hosted by Georgian National University, Balikesir University, International Vision University, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, International Gorazde University, Nişantaşı University, Cyprus West University, Prizren University, CEO Tekmer, Dilkur Publishing, Insec and EUJMR organized the congress online and 132 scientific papers were prepared by 209 academicians from 123 institutions from the continent were presented in 22 sessions through 2 separate channels.  
Speaking on behalf of International VISION University at the opening meeting speech, our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mensur NUREDİN, after giving the greeting speech to the participants, expressed his pleasure to be a collaborator at the CEO Social Sciences Congress, and introduced the participants to general information about our University and the educational opportunities that our university offers to its students.
At the opening meeting speech of the CEO Congress, important eminent names from each other gave their speeches. In addition to the academicians on the congress committee, Aksaray Mayor Dr. Evren Dinçer, Afghanistan Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai and finally, Former Minister of State Faruk Çelik made the opening speech. Minister Faruk Çelik, in his opening speech; After the CEO gave information about the Congress,  shared the worldwide changes in the post-Covid period in the fields of communication, economy, management and organization, which are the subject of the congress, and the techniques to cope with them.The time is the period of communication, economy and management organization. He added that ‘On this occasion, I hope that the outputs of this intense congress with participation from different countries of the world will be beneficial.”


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