As a local institution, International Vision University is the most successful example of world practices and the multicultural structure in our country.

International Vizyon University is the artefact of a qualified and visionary staff that has preserved its rich historical and cultural values and self-identities and has taken it upon themselves to transfer this heritage to future generations, and also pioneered the establishment of the university.

Thanks to these values, it continues to contribute to the development of a human-oriented civilization and a hope for the future of our society and at the same time we will compete with other societies.

The establishment and development of the International Vision University is an important cornerstone of the chain of achievements and tolerance of the contemporary, multicultural society in education, science and culture.

Our university was established and operated in accordance with the Higher Education Law of the Republic of North Macedonia. International Vision University was established in 20.10.2014 ("RM Official Gazette" 153/14) with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. With the approval of the Macedonian government, our university has gained the identity of the first university having the right to teach in Macedonian, Turkish and English languages. This date is also the official establishment year of the university.

International Vizyon University got the work permit on 08.06.2015, and it is the result of a long struggle in which the historical tradition was raised, education and science.

International Vizyon University started its education activities with a total of five faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Architecture.

As of the 2018/19 academic year, 2 new units were established within our University, namely the Balkan Studies Institute and the Social Sciences Institute. At the same time, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was established as of the 2020/21 academic year and gained the identity of the sixth operating faculty.

The University takes an active role in the promotion of the country and society by carrying out activities to reach international standards and to harmonize the study programs with contemporary programs. In this context, our university has signed more than 80 International Cooperation Agreements.

Our university is a member of ACEU: Association of Central and Eastern European Universities and BUA-Balkan Universities Association.




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