On the occasion of the 7th Foundation of International VISION University, the second part of the 4th Graduation Ceremony was held in Istanbul. 

In this graduation ceremony, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey for the first time, a total of 202 students graduated and received their diplomas.  Our graduation ceremony was hosted by the famous journalist-presenter Mr. Yusuf EMİN.  Since our graduation ceremony was held in Istanbul for the first time , we were greeted with great interest by both students and their parents.  In addition to the students and parents, the politicians of the Republic of Turkey, respectfully showed their interest in the ceremony and honored our ceremony with their presence. From the North Macedonia, especially the rector and vice-rectors of the university, our president of the foundation, our faculty deans and some of our employees also attended to the ceremony.

The Rector of International VİZYON University Prof. Dr. Fadil HOCA himself presented his plaque to EMRE AKDOGAN as being the first in generation in the Academic Year 2019/2020. 

And the Mayor of Büyükçekmece, Dr. Hasan AKGÜN presented it presented the plaque to  Özlem Göksel TÜRKDOĞAN as being the first in generation in the Academic Year 2020/2021. 

  At the end of the graduation ceremony, vocal artist and singer Pelin GEDİK gave a concert to the students and participants.   


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