On 17 December 2021, Doctor candidate Mrs Nita BELULI LUMA defended her doctoral thesis in the International VISION University’s Senate hall.  

In the field of clinical psychology, has successfully defended her doctorate thesis titled as ‘The Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Lifestyle and Social Relationship Changes and the Mental Health Effects of the Adult Population in North Macedonia’  in front of the commission formed by Prof. Dr. Musa MUSAI (Consultant and Member), Prof. Dr. Qufli OSMANI (President) Prof.Dr. Abdulmecit NUREDIN (Member), and Prof. Dr. Mensur NUREDIN (Member)  

Who is Dr Nita BELULI LUMA? 

Nita Beluli Luma was born on 2 September 1987 in Struga, North Macedonia. 

Before her doctorate studies, she graduated from the Department of Psychology at Tetovo State University in 2010. She completed her MA in Educational Psychology at the same University. Chosen as the best student of the period, Nita started working at Tetovo State University (2011), where she worked as an assistant for 6 years. 

Today at Mother Theresa State University in Skopje, where she has been working since 2019, teaches the courses such as: mental health, prevention of mental disorders, General Psychology, coping with the stress.   

Meanwhile, she took the professional practical training for children with autism and families with individuals with autism in Elbasan. She completed her one-year internship at Cortex, the Psychotherapy and Counseling Center in Tetovo. 

She is also accredited (cognitive behavioral therapy) - and received the title practice trainer by the accredited Association of Complementary Therapists led by Grafam Nikols.  

Apart from psychology, Nita is also a poet and so far has published 4 poetry books. She is also a court translator licensed by the Ministry 


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