Founding Rector of the International VISION University Prof. Dr. We share with you, our esteemed readers, an interview with Fadıl HOCA, which includes the foundation purpose, vision-mission, importance, staff, international position, privileges and scientific studies of the International VISION University. 


    Could you tell us briefly the establishment process and establishment purpose of International VISION University?

  Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA: The founding adventure of the International VISION University actually started at the beginning of 2000. Our struggle with national and national opportunities in education lasted exactly 15 years in Macedonia. With the unanimous decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Macedonia, with the decision of the establishment of the International VISION University on 11 November 2014 We concluded. We would like to declare that this decision is the result of a struggle we have waged for 15 years, brave and decisive. In this regard, I would like to express that we also receive political support from Macedonia's TDP (Turkish Democratic Party) party.Establishment of a unique higher education institution among the Turks living in the Republic of Macedonia and all the Balkans that has the right to receive education in their mother tongue, in higher education - Turkish, for all Macedonian Turks as well as all Turks living in the Balkans and even Europe After the administration had to withdraw, it can be regarded as an achievement they have been waiting for for a full century and an extremely important success.It can be regarded as an achievement and an extremely important achievement they have been waiting for for a full century.It can be regarded as an achievement and an extremely important achievement they have been waiting for for a full century.

     The International VISION University was established as a manifestation of this legal right granted to us, based on the rights granted by the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia to minorities in education. International VISION University The purpose of establishment is concerned, the higher education on Turkey Turkish Turks living in Macedonia and the Balkans - in order to be eligible to receive university-level education, although it is an extremely important development stages, that the Authority importance of which is extremely important and strategic in terms of Balkans We are of the opinion. Consequently, 70 years after the introduction of uninterrupted Turkish education in primary education in the former Yugoslavia - Skopje on December 21, 1944,With the establishment of the International VISION University in November 2014, we would like to inform you that our 70 years of Turkish education experience has been crowned.

    One of the most important mission of our university, the Republic of Turkey after completing their degrees in various universities in Macedonia - Balkan origin bring back our students is to provide employment opportunities for them. In this regard, our main goal is to provide our youth with job opportunities and to keep our youth here in order not to return to the Balkans and evacuate these places and to prevent our population from decreasing in the Balkans. As you know, a kind of brain drain is already going on because most of our youth have not returned. As a VISION University, it is our main goal and goal to stop this brain drain as much as possible and to keep our youth in the Balkans. Another goal of ours is that Turkish has reached an academic level of education and science language level and identity in the Balkans and comes from our rich past,As the civilization language of the Balkans, it is striving to make Turkish a Balkan language at academic level, as well as a European language at academic level. 

       Which departments does your university give your students the opportunity to study?

   Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA: Within the International VISION University, we have six faculties and two institutes accredited and approved by the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science at undergraduate and graduate levels. These include the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, as well as the Balkan Research Institute and the Institute of Social Sciences. Our PhD programs in Clinical Psychology are also available within the Faculty of Social Sciences. I can say that I am the only university that has doctorate programs in this field.

           Which countries do students choose your university?

  Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA: As for our students, first of all, our main target audience is those who receive Turkish education in the Republic of North Macedonia or speak Turkish. These students, as well as the Republic of Kosovo, although from Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic and Our Motherland Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan in recent years, have also students from Kazakhstan and Austria is pleased with us considerably. In addition to Turkish education, we would like to inform our students who want to study in different languages ​​(Macedonian or English) that we have the right to offer these opportunities.

    We are the first and only university with branches outside the borders of North Macedonia among 18 universities (public and private) existing in the Republic of North Macedonia. In 2019, the programs of VISION University were approved and accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Education, and we had the right to provide education in Austria - Vienna, and we started education in 2019 by opening our branch there. 

         Could you give information about your teaching staff?

   Prof. Dr. Fadil TEACHER: acting from the essential mission of Vision International University, first of all, our homeland We strive to employ them to include our young team we convinced him to return to the university to complete their PhD in various universities of the Republic of Turkey. Likewise, we include qualified staff who have completed their Doctorate degrees in various universities of North Macedonia, Serbia (Sancak), Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Azerbaijan into the education process. In order to provide the staff we need, we make an extraordinary effort to educate our young people by giving Doctorate scholarships to all our assistants who are continuing their Doctoral studies at different universities. 

         What can you say about VİZYON's international recognition? 

  Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA: Since 2015, when the International VISION University started its educational activities, it has been subjected to an intense pace for international promotional activities. Among them, first of all Turkey's state universities, as well as various foundations also began signing the Academic Cooperation Protocols with universities. This process continues until today. Indeed, so far Turkey's number of Academic Cooperation Protocols signed with different universities is around 40. However, we are not satisfied with this, we have signed 16 Academic Cooperation Protocols with many universities in North Macedonia, as well as universities in Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan,We can easily say that we have signed Academic Cooperation Protocols and ERASMUS - Student Exchange Protocols with 56 different state or foundation universities in total. In addition to these International Agreements, in addition to the full member of the North Macedonia Universities Association, BUA - a full member of the Balkan Universities Association, a full member of the Union of Turkish World Universities and a full member of the Union of Universities in South East Europe We have served as the term president in 2020.We have been a full member of the Union of Turkish World Universities and a full member of the Association of South Eastern Europe (CEEU) Universities, as well as the term president in 2020.We have been a full member of the Union of Turkish World Universities and a full member of the Association of South Eastern Europe (CEEU) Universities, as well as the term president in 2020. 

    We are also a full member of ERIC NARIC, the International Registration and Rating Agency based in London. As International VISION University, we have signed the ERASMUS (Student Exchange Program) program between 2021-2024. 

         Could you tell us about the scientific activities of your university?

   Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA: Based on the international agreements we have made with international universities, we have organized many international conferences, symposiums and congresses at or under the auspices of International VISION University. In this regard, Sakarya University from Republic of Turkey, thanks to Celal Bayar University and the support and assistance we have received from Uludag University, abroad (Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Kosovo, Turkey and so on. Countries) can not pass without mention that we organize various symposiums and conferences . Likewise, our professors actively participated in many symposiums and congresses abroad and made their own contributions. Under the auspices of our university, an international peer-reviewed scientific research journal, called VISION, has been published in English since 2016.Our teachers as well as Turkey's endeavor to publish their scientific articles in various prestigious journals in the world with Europe.

     Of the Republic of Turkey to the President of year 2021 2021 with a circular issued by the Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the declaration of Turkish as a year and "acting World Language Turkish" project from the realization of the truth, we are also entitled to educational Turkish outside of Turkey in Europe only We, as the university, participated in this campaign called "World Language Turkish".

    On this occasion, at the International Vision University in 2021, we declared as Turkish Science Year and including 10 different branches in this direction, at university level in 10 textbooks, the first to publish in Turkish after a century outside Turkey can say with pride that we are able of. Accordingly, in order to declare 2021 as the year of Turkish, on September 26, 2021 (on the day of the Turkish Language Festival), we will organize an international Congress under the name of "Turkish and Turkish Education as the Language of Civilization in the Balkans", in which 60 academics from 10 countries from the Balkans will participate. I want. Our homeland in this regard we will also request the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. 

          What distinguishes you from other universities in North Macedonia?

   Prof. Dr. Fadil TEACHER: As we have above mentioned, we are not only in North Macedonia's borders, even in the Balkans or even all of Europe (except Turkey), which has the right to education in Turkish and is accredited by the Ministry of Northern Macedonia Education and Science sole university This must be the most important feature that distinguishes us from all universities in North Macedonia and the Balkans, as we offer the opportunity to receive Turkish education. In addition to the language of instruction, we can easily state that our university is highly equipped with technical equipment, in line with the needs of today's world, thanks to our experienced, qualified and qualified staff.We would like to inform you that the education and training process and practical lessons are conducted in contemporary conditions and in contemporary spaces.  

        Finally, do you have a message for your prospective students?    

     Prof. Dr. Fadil TEACHER: the quality of education in Turkish in Europe accredited and approved only address the International VISION University in Turkey all worthwhile students our candidates wishing to study quality on the Turkish, come to the International VISION University in facilities with them to visit us and positive terms, to discover the VISION vision of modern education we invite. 

   We would like to express that there is also a girls' dormitory within our university. 

   The children of all our martyrs and veterans are educated with full scholarship. In addition, scholarships are given to students, depending on their level of success. 

   My University offers foreign language courses in Macedonian and English to all our students coming from outside of North Macedonia.  

Gostivar / North Macedonia 

Founding Rector of the International VISION University Prof. Dr. Fadıl HOCA


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